• March 21, 2023

Italian super-luxury carmaker Lamborghini has nearly met its target for the year 2023 in India in just first month. Speaking to Times of India, Lamborghini’s Asia-Pacific director Francesco Scardaoni said they are “already sold out for the year”. The company, which sells a range of cars with prices starting from Rs 3.8 crore in India, posted record sales in India in 2022 at 92 units, growing at 33 per cent from the previous year. Its previous best-ever sales in the country was in 2021 with 69 units. Before that, its best sales was in 2019 when it had sold a total of 52 units.

The company hopes to retail over 100 cars in India, and most of them have already been ordered. Mr Scardaoni said the growth in sales is led by businessmen and ultra-high networth individuals (UHINs) as the impact of Covid wanes globally.

“Looks like whatever we do sells pretty good,” Lamborghini’s top executive told TOI when asked it’s proving to be a “golden period” for luxury carmakers.

Speaking about the trend globally for Lamborghini, Mr Scardaoni said, “More are getting sold. In our business, an order book on an average covers more than 18 months. For the record, the 2023 production is already sold out. We are selling (for) 2024 now. And what surprises us is that the daily order book remains so high. “

Mr Scardaoni, however, expressed concerns about inadequate road infrastructure and high import taxes in India.

Last month, the company’s country head Sharad Agarwal had said Lamborghini will introduce its first hybrid car globally and efforts would be made to bring the vehicle to India at the earliest.

“We will begin our journey into the next phase of our company where we will hybridise our entire model range starting this year. And then in 2024, we will bring the hybrid Urus as well as the new hybrid V10, which is going to be the follower of Huracan, a completely new car,” Mr Agarwal told news agency PTI.

He said that in 2022, India emerged as one of the fastest growing markets for Lamborghini in Asia Pacific and also globally.

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