• March 23, 2023

Which MPV should I buy between the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga, XL6 and Kia Carens? My main priorities are fuel economy, maintenance, long term reliability, good features and a reasonable price. If there are any other car, please let me know.

Aditya Pareek, Madurai

Autocar India says: The Carens is a superior product to the XL6 in most respects and the overall better choice, but it is also more expensive than the latter and would cost more to maintain as well. The XL6 has good features but is not as loaded as the Carens, which has an extensive features list. In terms of economy, the XL6 will be more efficient, but not as nice to drive. So if you can live with the XL6’s lack of wow factor – compared to the Carens – it will serve your purpose as a reliable, easy to drive MPV with relatively lower running costs.

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