Steel Epoxy Putty: 4 Other Varieties

Epoxy putty is superb for acting small upkeep to a spread of various fabrics, together

Epoxy putty is superb for acting small upkeep to a spread of various fabrics, together with steel. Mouldable and simple to make use of, epoxy putties dry temporarily, forming a robust bond, and a watertight seal.

It’s essential to make use of the appropriate form of epoxy in your venture. That’s why Jenolite provides 4 various kinds of steel epoxy putty. The differing types comprise rather other components, permitting them to bond extra successfully for his or her designated utility.

All of our steel epoxy putties are commercial energy, and usable inside 60 mins. They arrive in stick shape, making them simple to use with out the wish to concern about getting the combination proper.

How does steel epoxy putty paintings?

Steel epoxy putty works in essentially the similar manner as every other epoxy restore putty product. Merely bring to a halt the specified quantity from the stick, knead it til it’s cushy, and observe it by means of hand to the required floor. As a result of it’s cushy first of all, you’ll simply mould it to fill holes and cracks.

Epoxies are made of 2 cushy portions (referred to as two-part epoxies). When blended in combination, a chemical response happens which reasons the epoxy to harden and shape a robust bond. As soon as hardened, the putty turns into utterly water-proof and may also be sanded, painted over, and even drilled or machined.

While you’ve completed the restore activity, make sure you stay the remainder putty tightly sealed within the authentic packaging – so long as it’s now not been blended/activated, you’ll stay it saved for years, or till you want it once more.

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Various kinds of epoxy putty for steel

For very best effects, you should utilize the product which is most fitted in your explicit utility. We provide specialist epoxies for copper, titanium, metal, and aluminium utilization – each and every specifically designed with its personal distinctive houses to compare that exact steel.


Copper epoxy is the “plumber’s epoxy,” best possible for a spread of plumbing packages. To be used on brass, copper, bronze, and different non-ferrous metals, it’s nice for making upkeep on plumbing elbows, sinks, faucets and water warmers. It’s best possible for pipe upkeep and plumbing emergencies reminiscent of leaking sizzling strains.

Store copper epoxy putty.


Jenolite’s titanium epoxy putty is bolstered with titanium, making it best possible for bonding with titanium, and very warmth resistant. Appropriate for temperatures as much as 280°C, it’s very best to be used on steam pipes and different prime temperature packages.

Store titanium epoxy putty.


Because of its huge collection of packages, it is a toolbox very important. Easiest for repairing and rebuilding scratched, chipped, and cracked metal surfaces, Jenolite metal putty is an commercial energy resolution that’s appropriate for temperatures as much as 149°C.

Store metal epoxy putty.


Due to the ubiquity of aluminium, that is any other in style steel epoxy, best possible to be used on automobile our bodies, automobile portions, aluminium window frames, and outside furnishings. Like every our epoxy sticks, it’s water-proof and excellent for each indoor and outside packages.

Store aluminium epoxy putty.

Now not certain which is very best to make use of in your venture? Get in contact with us, and we’d be happy to advise you.

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